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You’ve just washed your favorite hoodie!  You know, the red one with the drawstring?  Yes, that’s one!!  You excitedly go to the dryer to grab this hoodie you love and notice the drawstring hanging on for dear life or missing altogether.  Where in the world do all these drawstrings and socks go, you wonder?  Then you brace yourself for the dreadful moment of irritably searching for your drawstring and, if you find it, feeding it back through its tiny hole, inch by miserable inch.

If only you had String Along!  String Along is on the verge of changing the apparel industry.  After months and months of working on a device concept, testing, and developing the perfect prototype with my welder, Jake,  String Along was birthed!  Never again search for missing drawstrings or spend valuable time slowly replacing them.  String Along is the simple answer to quickly input misplaced drawstring(s) from hoodies, jogger pants, sweatpants, or athletic wear.  No more relying on home remedies to get your drawstring back in… there is a better way! 

Not only will String Along help you to insert your missing drawstring quickly in any 4mm X 6mm diameter hole, but it offers the flexibility to do it in style.  As a successful entrepreneur and fashionista, I’ve always embraced displaying my individual style while conducting business.  I often felt restricted by sewn in drawstrings.  With String Along you have the option to choose from a variety of colors we have available.  Now, you can stand out by showcasing your own style or even matching your drawstring(s) with your sneaker laces.  It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s fun!

My family and I can’t wait for you to start replacing your replaceable drawstring(s) with String Along!  We all put our heads together to come up with this unique device.  From my sister and dads’ valuable input and feedback to my mom creating the initial patent drawing and my nieces and nephew coming up with playful colors. 

String Along… From our family to yours!

String Along drawstring replacement device

Shajuanda White Founder/Inventor of String Along

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